Hello Florence,

Why would I keep my ear to the ground for big news about medieval women when I subscribe to your wonderful newsletter? You do all the work for me, haha.

Sorry, very interesting discovery. It makes you wonder what else can be discovered on other old manuscripts with this new technology.

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Cool - reminds me of the hunt for Lesbia (in Catullus’ poetry) when I was at university in the early 1970s. Back then there were a few contenders mostly called Clodia. I think the debate still lingers.

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Thanks for the article, fascinating read!

I'll share this with the England-based reenactment group I am in (Regia Anglorum). In fact, there are some women in the group who produce illustrated manuscripts for demonstrations :)

I just wrote on my own Substack about Ælfric’s Colloquy. The conversations used in those Latin exercises only include male voices, and don't give anything away about women's education. Are there any sources you could recommend on this? Cheers!

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